10 Quilting Tips for Beginners

The start of anything comes with mistakes from which you learn from those mistakes to perfection. Therefore, when started quilting, it’s normal to make mistakes and especially for learners not ready to go for classes. Even the experienced make mistakes when it comes to quilting or any other form of activity. However, below are some ten well-researched tips which will aid in preparation to minimize any possible mistakes while quilting.


  1. Prewash the fabric unless instructed otherwise


Before beginning any quilting job, it’s very important to start by preparing the fabric. For instance, if using fabric made of cotton 100%, start by washing it. Washing does away with any chemicals used during fabrication. Also, washing removes excess color for some fabric. However, for silk, do not prewash.


  1. Go for a pattern that is easy


As a beginner, go for easy patterns which can be easily worked on. Do not get fooled that quilting is as simple as it seems. You don’t need intricate blocks for prettiness, just go for a simple one to work on.


  1. Get enough fabric before beginning


It is so disappointing to choose the best fabric, prewash it then cut into pieces and notice it’s not enough for the design you want to make. To avoid such as you might not get the exact same fabric you had bought, ensure to get enough before starting off.


  1. While pressing fabrics, do it carefully

Among the important aspect in quilting is the pressing after prewashing. Most quilters make mistakes by leaving many wrinkles and pressing shallowly. Also pressing so hard leads to warping and stretching. Be careful while pressing to get the best of it.


  1. Avoid changing fabrics anyhow, stick to cotton 100% for beginners


For the first quilt, do not go for other hard to quilt materials which will give you a hard of times. To come up with those exquisite quilts which are made using different fabrics, you need varied preps, care and sewing methods.


  1. Consistency of the seam allowance


Keep a consistent allowance when sewing the blocks. If it’s 1/8 inch let it be for all blocks which you sew.


  1. Begin with small projects


For the first project, do not choose a large quilt which will aggravate you. You will end up rushing the work hence produce very sloppy work. For a start choose a small and simple project.


  1. Measure each piece twice before cutting then make cuts once


Nothing pains more in quilting than making wrong measurements r wrong cuts hence wasting material and money. Be keen when it comes to measuring and cutting.


  1. Remember backstitching always


Be it you are quilting own piece, sewing together all blocks or sewing each piece of fabric, always backstitch. It is horrible trying backstitch after quilting.


  1. Make wise choices of colors to quilt


Although beauty is said to lie on the beholder’s eyes hence you can be tempted to use certain colors, with quilting, color is as important as choosing fabric type to use. The hues of fabrics are darks, mediums and lights. For instance, if you decide to quilt same hues for different colours, design of the block is lost. Therefore, avoid single hue for various colors. Quilting can be very calming. Check out scientific explanation of meditation and how quilting or handwork helps.